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An Essential Guide to How to Fix Your Mobile Home Skirting In Tucson

When to Repair/Replace Skirting on Manufactured Homes The first step is to determine whether and when to fix (or even replace) your Tucson, AZ, mobile home skirt. And this, of course, begins with a careful examination of the skirting. The time to inspect manufactured homes’ skirting is after an event or season when damage is … Continued

How to Get Rid of Pack Rats Under a Tucson Mobile Home

Some people think mice are cute, but more people recognize the ick factor. And almost no one wants rats around, even pack rats. Rodent infestations in Tucson manufactured homes (the modern term for mobile homes) are a common problem. Many Tucson mobile homes are located in rural areas, and they all have a lot of … Continued

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4 Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Tucson Mobile Home

When it comes to selling mobile and manufactured homes in Tucson, some people choose to use an agent. But many more, and more independent-minded, people sell their mobile homes themselves. Still, that route is littered with obstacles and pitfalls for the unwary. So let’s take a look at 4 common mistakes people make when selling … Continued

6 Common Questions About Selling Your Mobile Home In Tucson

Selling mobile homes, which are today more commonly known as manufactured homes, is both like and unlike selling a traditional site-built home. And the differences get even wider if you don’t own the land your mobile home sits on. So let’s take a look at the 6 most common questions people have about selling a … Continued

tucson mobile home buyer

Should You Use An Agent To Sell Your Tucson Mobile Home?

Selling a traditional, site-built home is basically a pretty straightforward affair. It’s the kind of real estate transaction most people are familiar with. Selling mobile homes (or manufactured homes, as they are known today) is a little different and often more complicated. You also have to factor in whether an agent will really benefit you … Continued

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How to Sell and Move Your Manufactured Home In Tucson

So you’re ready to open a new chapter in your life by selling and moving your mobile or manufactured home in Tucson, AZ. Good for you. You do need to keep in mind, though, that selling manufactured homes (formerly known as mobile homes) is different from and often more difficult than selling a traditional home, … Continued

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How To Sell Your Tucson Mobile Home For More Cash, In Less Time

So you need to sell your Tucson mobile home fast and for as much cash as possible. Well, you’re not alone. It happens more often than you might think and for all kinds of reasons, such as mobile home park eviction, impending repossession, job relocation or loss, divorce, and so on. But whatever the reason, … Continued

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Understanding The Process of Selling Your Tucson Mobile Home

Selling mobile homes (now known as “manufactured homes”) can be and often is quite a bit different from selling traditional homes. And that means you may have to make some significant changes in your selling approach and marketing tactics, especially if you want to sell a Tucson mobile home fast. Let’s take a closer look … Continued

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How To Sell a Mobile Home with Land in Tucson

If you own a mobile home with land in Tucson, selling your asset can be complex and stressful. While a mobile home might be much smaller in stature than a large five-bedroom house, owners still need to jump over the same hurdles when it comes to the sale. From repairing the property and dealing with … Continued

How to Dispose of an Old Mobile Home in Tucson

Disposal Options for Your Tucson Mobile Home Mobile homes have been fantastic housing options for many people over the years. When they are new, they offer the comfort of a home, a safe haven for your family, and a hangout for your kids and their friends. As the mobile home gets older, it gets harder … Continued

Who Buys Old Mobile Homes For Scrap In Tucson, AZ?

Selling Your Mobile Home in Tucson, AZ Mobile homes are a fantastic first home, or maybe permanent home, depending on where you live. After a while, however, they start to deteriorate, no matter how well you take care of them. When that happens, it’s time for you to sell, but who do you sell an old … Continued

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5 Tips For Selling Your Mobile Home In Tucson

Selling your mobile home in Tucson can be a quick and easy process when you have a plan in place. While certain selling methods work for some homeowners, others are better served in other ways! There are many routes you can take when it comes to selling. Learn more about your options and get our … Continued

4 Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Mobile Home In Tucson

Before selling your mobile home in Tucson, there are improvements you can make to add value to your property. Learn about these improvements and the selling options available to you in our latest post! #1 – Make It Energy Efficient People are drawn to mobile homes because of their low-maintenance and low-cost lifestyle. By having … Continued