5 Tips for Mobile Home Investors in Tucson

The long-standing stigma of mobile homes is slowly fading into the sunset. Mobile homes offer a great chance to diversify your real estate portfolio for a reasonably modest investment. First, however, it is helpful to understand what is involved in this unique market niche to help you save both time and money. The mobile home … Continued
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Should You Use An Agent To Sell Your Tucson Mobile Home?

Selling a traditional, site-built home is basically a pretty straightforward affair. It’s the kind of real estate transaction most people are familiar with. Selling mobile homes (or manufactured homes, as they are known today) is a little different and often more complicated. You also have to factor in whether an agent will really benefit you … Continued
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How To Sell a Mobile Home with Land in Tucson

If you own a mobile home with land in Tucson, selling your asset can be complex and stressful. While a mobile home might be much smaller in stature than a large five-bedroom house, owners still need to jump over the same hurdles when it comes to the sale. From repairing the property and dealing with … Continued