How to Sell and Move Your Manufactured Home In Tucson

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So you’re ready to open a new chapter in your life by selling and moving your mobile or manufactured home in Tucson, AZ. Good for you. You do need to keep in mind, though, that selling manufactured homes (formerly known as mobile homes) is different from and often more difficult than selling a traditional home, especially when you’re selling it separate from the land it sits on. So let’s dig in and see how to sell and move your Tucson, AZ, manufactured home.

Scenarios: Selling and Moving Mobile Homes / Manufactured Homes in Tucson

Typically, when people want to sell and move a manufactured home it’s for one of the following reasons:

  1. They’ve been living in a mobile home park and are now ready for a different environment and style of living. But they don’t own the lot their home sits on, so they not only have to sell it, but possibly move it too.
  2. Their mobile home sits on a plot of land they own, and they want to build a home on that land. They need, then, to sell the mobile home and move it off the land.
  3. Or maybe they just want to upgrade to a newer manufactured home and stay where they are. In that case, they will have to sell and move their current home, regardless of the land/lot situation.

Whatever your situation, you will have to determine whether you’re selling your Tucson manufactured home as private property or as real property and then prepare it, list it, market it, and finally make arrangements to have it moved. And this means your first step is to determine the best course for you.

Will you be better off going the traditional route and using an agent? Or will it be smoother and more profitable to sell your Tucson mobile fast by going through a Tucson mobile home buyer.

Sweetening the Deal to Incentivize Buyers

Unless you’re selling the land or lot along with your manufactured home, then selling and moving are bound up tightly together. For many people, buying a mobile home is a big step, and they are likely already stretched pretty thin financially with the purchase. And then paying to have the home moved is an even bigger financial burden.

But, as the seller, you can use this to your advantage. You could, for example, consider sweetening the deal by offering to pay some of the moving costs.

The possibilities here include:

  • Paying all the moving costs
  • Sharing moving costs with the buyer
  • Adding moving costs to the mobile home price in the case of owner financing
  • Getting a mobile home park to pay the costs for moving the home into the park (which does happen in certain cases)

Just make sure you do some research so that you’ll know exactly what kind of moving expenses you’re looking at. Try to get exact quotes from several moving companies. This way, you will be armed with the necessary information for negotiating with the buyer.

Cost of Moving Manufactured Homes In Tucson

Let’s see, then, what you’ll be facing with respect to moving costs. Keep in mind that the figures here are just rough estimates, so you could wind up paying less or even much more.

Generally, moving a single-wide mobile home within a 50-mile radius costs around $3,000 to $5,000. For a double-wide, it goes up to $7,500 to $13,000. Remember, though, that these figures are for a full-service move, which will include acquisition of necessary permits and hooking up utilities.

It’s difficult to provide accurate figures for moving costs because there are so many other factors and variables that impact the cost. Some of the most important factors are:


The size of your mobile home will, of course, affect the cost of moving – the bigger it is, the more it will cost.


In addition to the size, the weight of your home affects the cost of moving. Newer manufactured homes weigh more than older mobile homes. For example, a modern, 800-square-foot manufactured home could weigh as much as 40,000 pounds – that’s 20 tons!


Obviously, the farther the move, the more expensive it will be. But even a local move can be pretty pricey because movers typically have a minimum charge.

Needed Moving Equipment/Materials

It takes a lot of tools, equipment, and supplies to move something as big as a mobile home down the road, including chains, tie-downs, hitches, new tires, extra lights, and so on.


Moving a Tucson mobile home to a new location almost always entails certain permits, especially if the move is to another county or to another state. On top of that, some states require an inspection, which further adds to the cost of moving.


Once a mobile home arrives at its new location, it has to be set up. At a minimum, this setup involves hooking up utilities, tying the home down, and re-attaching skirting and porches. These setup services (often part of the moving package) can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

Liability Insurance

Even though reputable movers are typically bonded and insured, it’s still a good idea for you to purchase liability coverage for the move, as well as perhaps some outside insurance.

Getting the Sale

Still, before you worry about moving your manufactured home and the costs involved, you have to get a buyer and sell it first. Here’s the very minimum of what you’ll need to do:

Spruce It Up

As with any home sale, you’ll need to clean up, touch up, and make everything look its absolute best. Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the mobile home, so it has to look appealing.

Repair and Upgrade

Similarly, you may have to make certain repairs and upgrades. These include:

  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades – the two most important rooms for buyers
  • Painting interior walls in fresh, neutral colors
  • Making sure windows are well-sealed and functioning properly
  • Servicing/replacing the HVAC unit
  • Ensuring the roof is in good shape and leak-free

If you truly want to sell your Tucson mobile home fast, you probably should, according to most pros in this area, at least perform a thorough inspection of the home yourself. Even better is to pay for a professional inspection to ensure that you have taken care of all possible problems that could put buyers off. You need to fix problems before a buyer points them out.

The Mobile Home Buyer Option

tucson mobile home buyer

It turns out, then, that selling and moving a Tucson, AZ, manufactured home is more complicated and often more costly than many people realize. And that’s exactly why so many choose to go through an experienced, reputable Tucson mobile home buyer – a cash buyer who can help you sell your Tucson mobile home fast, easy, and at a fair price.

Check out the trusted mobile home buyer in Tucson that guarantees a fair offer, allows you to choose the closing date, and pays the costs involved in selling. To discover more about how to sell and move your manufactured home, call 520-413-1314 or fill out the easy online form.

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