How To Sell Your Tucson Mobile Home For More Cash, In Less Time

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So you need to sell your Tucson mobile home fast and for as much cash as possible. Well, you’re not alone. It happens more often than you might think and for all kinds of reasons, such as mobile home park eviction, impending repossession, job relocation or loss, divorce, and so on. But whatever the reason, you should be aware that selling mobile homes (today more commonly referred to as manufactured homes) is much different from selling traditional homes and is in some ways more difficult. So what is the best way to sell your Tucson, AZ, mobile home fast and for more cash?

Considerations for Selling Mobile or Manufactured Homes

As we just mentioned, selling mobile homes and manufactured homes is different and often more difficult. The main reason for this is that most mobile homes are in mobile home parks, and most of those sit on a rented lot. And so many sellers – in order not to forfeit their mobile home to the park when they have to sell it fast and for cash – often have to get creative in their efforts to make a quick sale.

The most common selling scenarios for manufactured homes in parks include selling to:

  • The park where the mobile home is located
  • Another mobile home park (often a cash sale)
  • A mobile home dealer (who often specialize in repossessions)
  • An individual cash buyer (usually an investor looking for a good deal)
  • A trusted Tucson mobile home buyer for cash (a specialist company that can pay more and close quickly)

Now, this is, of course, assuming that your mobile home is in reasonably good condition and that you’ve priced it right. But pricing mobile homes can be a little tricky. Price too low, and you lose money (which sometimes happens in cash sales to less than reputable buyers). Price too high, and your Tucson mobile home may sit on the market unsold for months and months.

What you have to keep in mind with respect to pricing is that mobile homes – like cars and unlike traditional homes – depreciate over time and with use. But land usually appreciates over time. So if you own the land your mobile home sits on, the land may increase in value while the mobile home decreases in value. It can all get pretty complicated in this last case, so you should probably have a professional appraisal done and consult your agent.

So what actually happens if you decide to list your mobile home in the manner of a traditional real estate sale, either yourself or with an agent?

Steps in a Traditional Real Estate-Type Mobile Home Sale

  1. Research – To know how to effectively price and market your mobile home in Tucson, AZ, you will first need to thoroughly research the local market for manufactured homes.
  2. Appraisal – As we mentioned, pricing a mobile home for a quick sale and for a better price can be a tricky matter, so to make sure you price right, you will need to have a professional appraisal done.
  3. Inspection – While not strictly necessary for sellers, an inspection is still a good idea so you can find and fix any problems before buyers discover them.
  4. Staging – Tons of studies show that staged homes sell faster and for more than homes that aren’t staged. Staging, then, is a step you can’t afford to skip even if you have to pay a professional stager.
  5. Listing with High-Quality Photos – With the majority of home shoppers doing the bulk of their house hunting online, carefully crafted listings with plenty of professional-quality photos are a must.
  6. Marketing – If you truly do want to sell your Tucson mobile home for more cash in less time by this traditional route, you will have to market both effectively and aggressively, which means primarily strategic online marketing.
  7. Bid Acceptance and Funds Verification – Once a buyer makes a bid on your mobile home, the next step is to draw up a sales contract and to verify that the buyer actually has the funds to make the purchase.
  8. Preparing Closing Documents and Setting Date – Typically, closing involves the signing of a mountain of paperwork, so the penultimate step is to get all these documents prepared and gathered along with setting the closing date.
  9. Closing – This is, of course, the final step in the long process of selling manufactured homes in this way. At closing, all the documents are signed, you get your money, and the buyers gets a key to her new Tucson, AZ, mobile home.

If that seems like a lot to go through to sell mobile homes . . . well, it is. But there is, in fact, a better, faster way.

The Best Option for Speed and Profit

It should be pretty plain that selling a mobile home can be a complicated and intimidating task. It should also be fairly obvious that selling by means of listing with an agent isn’t the best route for selling fast and for cash. And if your Tucson mobile home is in a park on a leased lot, that further complicates matters. That’s why selling to a Tucson mobile home buyer maybe your best option.

Going through an experienced, reputable Tucson mobile home buyer allows you to sell your mobile home for more cash in less time. The selling process is drastically streamlined, and that’s why a cash buyer like this can help you sell your Tucson mobile home fast and easily and at a fair price. Why wouldn’t you want to use a trusted mobile home buyer in Tucson that can guarantee a fair offer, allow you to choose the closing date, and pay the costs involved in selling?

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