How to Dispose of an Old Mobile Home in Tucson

old tucson mobile home

Disposal Options for Your Tucson Mobile Home

Mobile homes have been fantastic housing options for many people over the years. When they are new, they offer the comfort of a home, a safe haven for your family, and a hangout for your kids and their friends. As the mobile home gets older, it gets harder to take care of and slowly starts to deteriorate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to rehab the mobile home; it’s often just not worth the money or the hassle.

Often, instead of getting rid of the home, it sits abandoned. A mobile home in Tucson can be difficult to dispose of, and, until someone wants the property for another venture, it’s not worth the time or energy. And how would you get rid of the mobile home anyway? Where do you even start? Here are a few things you can try.

Keep reading to learn how to how to dispose of an old mobile home in Tucson.

Metal Scrapyards

Mobile homes have a decent amount of steel in them, including the axle and the frame. Sometimes there’s some copper in them as well. Metal scrapyards will often be willing to haul away your mobile home for free. They won’t pay you anything for it, but it is a good way to dispose of the Tucson mobile home.

Car Demolition Services

Visit with a local Tucson car-crushing business. A good number of them either work with or are scrapyards, and they may be willing to take the mobile home off your hands. Depending on the business, you may have to pay a fee to have it removed from your property and dragged into the yard, but at least it will be out of your hair.

Crush It with a Loader

A heavy equipment company can bring in their loader and crush the mobile home. Once it is crushed, they will load it into a dump truck or dumpster. You’ll have expenses with this option as you’ll have to pay the loader company and the fee to dispose of it at the landfill.

Donate It

Call Tucson EMS teams to see if they would be able to use the mobile home for their training. Police, fire, and search and rescue teams are often looking for places to hold live training events. When the police or search and rescue teams are done with any training, the fire department can burn it down as a training exercise. You’ll need to dispose of the frame afterward, so you’ll still have some work to do, but it could be a fun exercise to watch.

Dismantle the Home

Dismantling your mobile home can net you a small profit unless you hire someone to do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll need a dumpster for the garbage. You will be able to salvage some of the steel to take to a metal scrapyard. That profit will most likely pay for the dumpster and the dumping fee at the landfill.

Sell the Frame

Now that you’ve dismantled the home, you can sell the frame. Take it to the scrapyard or metal recycling center, and they will give you the price of the scrap metal. Another option is to place a classified ad and have the buyer haul the frame away.

Take Out an Ad

Classified ads get all sorts of responses in Tucson. There is usually someone who is willing to make your junk into their next project. Run an ad, offering it as is, and have the person taking it be responsible for the removal of the mobile home. Craiglist is a great place to run an ad.

Sell It for Profit

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Instead of paying someone to dispose of it, call Tucson Mobile Home Buyer. We will make you an offer for the land the mobile home sits on, take care of the mobile home, and best of all, you can rid yourself of any responsibility for the mobile home.


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